2825g  diced beef round, lean and fat removed

2250g pork fat(or jowl) fat back                                             30g ground wh. pepper

200g salt                                                                                  30g dry mustard, Colemans

15g TCM curing salt                                                             5g garlic powder

75g dextrose powder                                                          175g dry milk powder

1675g crushed ice                                                                 Hog casing, 38/42mm wide

  • Partially freeze beef and fat, then grind through large die.
  • Return freezer and partially freeze, till crunchy (20 min).
  • Combine meat and fat with salt, pink salt, and dextrose, and ice; grind through small die onto chilled pan.
  • Add pepper, mustard, and garlic powder and mix in chilled mixing bowl and paddle on high 3-4 min.
  • add milk powder and mix 2 more minutes.
  • check seasoning; stuff into casings .
  • Hot smoke at 180F to internal temp of 150F.

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