5kg diced beef round                       36g dry mustard                            120ml/8T lt corn syrup

60g salt                                                  24g paprika                              ?? casing, ??/??ml wide

28g pink salt                                        12g ground coriander

4C ice water                                         8g ground white pepper

72g minced garlic

  • Grind meat thru small die.
  • Combine meat with salt, pink salt, and water and incorporate by hand.
  • Cover and chill for 24-48 hrs.
  • add remaining ingred. by hand and spread onto chilled sheet tray; freeze until stiff, 30 min.
  • regrind through small die; freeze again.
  • Place mixture in food processor and puree until it forms a paste, 1-2 min.  Keep cold !!
  • Stuff mixture into casings and hot smoke at 180f until internal temp of 140F.
  • Chill in ice bath.


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