Cold-Smoked Chorizo

6# pork shoulder, diced

80g salt

12g pink salt

6g ground wh. pepper

32g ground cumin

48g ancho chili powder

140g dry milk powder

1350g  jowl fat, diced

120ml ice water

200g scallions, sliced(mostly whites)

hog casings

  • combine pork, salt, pink salt, pepper, cumin, chili, and milk powder.
  • grind through large die.
  • grind fat through small die.
  • mix pork and fat together and mix with paddle on low speed; slowly add water.
  • add scallion and mix 2 minutes
  • check seasoning.
  • stuff into casing.
  • chill over night.
  • cold-smoke 2-4 hours.
  • hang 3-5 days.



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