“Tomato” skins


Among other staple ingredients, tomato concasse has been part of my every day mis en place list since I walked into a professional kitchen. These few ingredients may be olive oil, sliced shallots, chopped garlic, white wine, fines herbs, or all of the above. Whatever they may be, these simple ingredients provide the cook with the foundation to a specific dish…they are the first few ingredients you add to a hot pan before you put your ideas to work.

When preparing almost all ingredients, there always seems to be a little bit left on the cutting board.  In this case, tomato concasse leaves behind the pulp; which we almost always use for soup or marinara sauce, and the outside skin.  Of course these skins can be thrown into the soup or stock, but they found there way into our dehydrator with a sprinkle of  sea salt.  They dry out nice and provide a simple, crisp garnish, either for a salad or  just to snack.

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