Broken Beet Salad

The idea of making all different kinds of meringues opens up a lot of doors for the savory side of the kitchen.  The use of certain hydrocolloids, such as Versawhip and Methocel, as well as, egg white powder can produce almost any kind of  meringue imaginable.  Here we used beet juice, gelatin, Methocel F50,  and egg white powder.  We then whipped the meringue to stiff peaks, piped out the meringue and dried them out in the oven.

The flavor of the meringue is of a light macaroon shell, but it melts right on your tongue, and disappears.  The broken meringue is paired with charred frisee greens,  lambs’ lettuce,  whole wheat bread,  apple puree, and balsamic glaze.

Red Beet Meringue

300g beet juice

2 sheets gelatin

25g egg white powder

1.4g Methocel F50

10g sugar

1.5g salt

  • boil beet juice, strain and cool completely.
  • take 200g of juice and bloom with the gelatin, warm until dissolved.
  • take 100g of juice, add it to the blender and form a vortex.
  • add egg white powder, methocel,  sugar, salt, and gelatin mixture.
  • disperse completely.
  • whip until stiff peaks and pipe onto acetate sheets to desired shapes.
  • bake at 175F until completely dry.
** adapted from the Voltaggio Bros. Volt Ink., October 2011
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