Blackened Beef Short Ribs

Most of the time when we cook short ribs, it’s usually as a braised item.  Whether we cook them in there own juices at low heat, we sous-vide them over night, or we pressure cook them; we are basically cooking them until all there juices are gone.  These cooking techniques always produce a quality and delicious product, but today, we tried something a little different.

We started with a wet brine consisting of water. soy sauce, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, honey, and salt.  We let the short ribs brine for 6 hours, then dry overnight, and cold-smoked at 100F for an hour.

Once they were cooled, we sauteed the beef in some corn oil and basted them in whole butter until a really crispy and charred outside with a pink, medium-rare inside.  The meat itself was still a little tough, so we could have let them brine longer or found a better way to tenderize them.   Also,  they could have used a little more smoke.  Truthfully,  the best part was the blackened, crispy, crust which brought out the best flavors, so,  in this case, we really didn’t mind a little bit of chew.

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