Lamb Fat French Fries

Steak Cut Fries Confit in Lamb Fat

A while back I attended a workshop by Alexander Talbot of Ideas In Food and he introduced the idea of fortifying stock using a pressure cooker.  What was unique about this, was, instead of using animal bones or scrap meat, he used animal fat.  The left over fat cap from lamb loins and racks, the chains from beef tenderloin, or any fat that usually gets thrown in the garbage should be used to make or fortify a stock.

Last week, we bought 45  lbs. of split lamb loin(or saddle).  By the time you take off the loins, tenderloins, and that bit of “flank”- that is good for making sausage, we still had almost 20 lbs. of lamb fat and bone left over.  After slowly roasting the bones and rendering down that lamb fat, the result was about two gallons of clarified lamb fat(ghee) and what is called the  “cheecherones”  is used for the fortification.  We put the roasted bones, the “cheecherones”, some mirepoix, covered it with lamb stock, locked up the pressure cooker and cooked it at 15 psi for 5o minutes. This is your base for a great tasting lamb sauce.

The clarified lamb fat, or ghee, has a wide range of uses.  In this case, we cut some pont neuf potato fries and soaked them in a 50% vinegar and water solution for an hour.  After draining them, we poached the fries in the lamb ghee with some whole shallots, thyme and rosemary until tender and fried them at 360F until crispy.  Those are some tasty fries!  If your not frying them right away you can store them in the fat until needed.

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