A Day at the CIA

Last Monday we took to the road for yet another culinary journey.  This time a chance to hear the Best Chef in the World and pioneer of Modern Gastronomy….Ferran Adria.  He was joined by a panel of past elBulli stagiere’s; Will Golfarb, founder of Willpowder, and Lisa Abend, author of the latest behind-the-scenes elBulli adventure.  “ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” , was a topic of discussion here and is set to be released March 22,2011.

Other topics discussed :

  • the transformation or elBulli restaurant into elBulli Foundation.  A sad day in the culinary world is June 30, 2011 when elBulli will serve it last dinner and move forward to “investigate food from within” as a foundation.
  • the importance of staff meal.  This was one topic I feel Adria stressed more than anything and spoke with more passion than anything else(including the new book).  When elBulli was last renovated, he put in a kitchen that was strictly for feeding the staff and incorporated a full menu.  He believes that if he was to be given the title as Best Chef and Best Restaurant, then all people who passed through his doors should eat well, not just his customers.
  • an 8,ooo page compilation of the elBulli years 2006-2011.

Every generation or so, a chef comes along and changes the culinary world.  Starting with Escoffier, in the early 1900’s; Paul Bocuse, in the 1960’s with novelle cuisine; and now Ferran Adria with his modern avante garde cuisine.  His “no copying” attitude has led to new techniques, new ingredients, and new textures that no one has ever seen before. Of course with “new ideas”, comes “new controversy”,  and when there is controversy that means people are taking notice.  Only the test of time will tell if Adria’s cuisine will be accepted, but there’s no doubt that the rules have changed because of him and the “wheel has been reinvented”.

Is Ferran Adria the best chef ever???

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