Emulsion Sausages

Unsmoked Beef Frankfurters

These hot dogs are made from 100% beef (top round) with some fat content and flavored with fresh garlic, paprika, and will be smoked very shortly.  The meat is finely ground and salted for a day so the myosin protein will develop and give a good bind and good bite.  A stable emulsion is formed by freezing and regrinding, then stuffed into a sheep casing about 24-26mm wide.

A Finished Ring of Polish Kielbasa

This Polish Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa, is made primarily with beef, with pork jowl fat, simply seasoned, and hot smoked.  The use of Tinted Curing Mix(TCM), a curing salt with 6% sodium nitrite gives the forcemeat a rich, red color when smoked.  This recipe calls for a sugar called dextrose, which is finely textured glucose derived from cornstarch and added to the curing mixture to mellow the flavor and keep the finished product moist.  Nonfat dry milk powder is used as binder and keeps the sausage emulsified at high temperatures.  Finally, it is stuffed into a natural hog casing, approx. 38-42mm.

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