Cold-Smoked Sausages

Links of Hungarian Paprika Sausage

This is Hungarian Paprika Sausage, a mixture of two parts pork(shoulder), one part lean beef stew meat, and jowl fat.  I believe that this may be favorite thus far.  It too is emulsified with water and cold smoked for 2 hrs.  Once smoked, I hung the links down stairs in the wine cellar to dry out for five days thus far.  At this point the sausage is uncooked and looks like it has a bright future in this weeks paella or jambalaya.

Summer Sausage

A Closer Look at My Summer Sausage

A mixture of mostly lean beef with some pork(shoulder) and fat back has an interesting technique.  It is ground through a large die with a curing mixture of salt, TCM and dextrose and seasoned with dry mustard, ground coriander and garlic.  It is then set in the fridge for at least a day to cure.  At this point, it is then finely ground and stuffed into hog casings.  It is cold smoked for two hours to develop a nice  bronze color, then turned up to a hot smoke to cook the rest of the way through.  The result was a firmer-textured and bright colored sausage.

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