Kimchee Udon Noodles

Fish noodles

45 degree Oysters with Kimchee Udon Noodles and Dashi

Kimchee Udon Noodles

369 g Tiger shrimp

369g white fish (I used lemon sole)


16g Activa RM

sesame oil to taste

60g (or to taste ) Momoya brand Kimchee base(Kimuchi no moto)

Cut up shrimp and fish small and process in a robocoupe until a ball forms.  Add approx. 300g of water and procede like you are making a mousse.  Add Activa and process well.  Transfer “mousse” to a Vitaprep blender and process until smooth.  Pass through a fine sieve into a clean bowl.  Add this point you can add any flavors you want, I added sesame oil and kimchee base.  Set a water bath to 65.5 degrees C. with a mesh strainer to catch the noodles.  Pipe using a pastry bag and desired tip.  Let cook approx. 30 seconds, remove, and let chill on a sheet tray.

*adapted from Wylie Dufresne’s Shrimp Noodles

When I “think”  Udon Noodles I think of Morimoto’s fish cake noodle soup.  He uses white fish, egg whites, potato starch, and soy.  He them pipes the mixture into simmering fish broth to form the noodle, then flash fried in oil. In my case, I kept with the Asian theme and served my udon noodles with Thai cabbage slaw, sous-vide oysters, caviar, in a mushroom dashi broth that was clarified.  I added some pomegranite as well, being they were in season.

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