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Pasteurizing Eggs

Eggnog is one of those holiday traditions that is either hated due to its sweetened, heavy, dairy based characteristics or cherished for those same reasons. However you may feel about eggnog, I find there is one common concern about this … Continue reading

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Kimchee Udon Noodles

Fish noodles 45 degree Oysters with Kimchee Udon Noodles and Dashi Kimchee Udon Noodles 369 g Tiger shrimp 369g white fish (I used lemon sole) water 16g Activa RM sesame oil to taste 60g (or to taste ) Momoya brand Kimchee … Continue reading

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High Speed Video of Popcorn Popping

High Speed Video of Popcorn Popping – 6200 fps,…, posted with vodpod The Modernist Cuisine staff recently published a video of popcorn popping with a high speed camera, the Phantom v12.1. The camera is capable of taking 1,000,000 pictures-per-second. 6,242 … Continue reading

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